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V_Bid is a new option to incentive and promotion for employees, generating a greater impact and innovation in the bonus area. It is a software that creates virtual auctions, using points acquired as currency, and relevant awards can be redeemed with these points. With a more attractive redemption of points, the virtual auctions promote greater competition and increased sales for the participants.

How it works:

  • Prizes for individual and group performance
  • Clustering and dissemination of information
  • Score ranking
  • Interactivity and engagement of participants
  • • Equal and fair opportunities
 Number Three: Login: To bid on products you must be logged into the website, which notifies the beginning of an auction via SMS.
Number Four: Bids: During the virtual auction, everyone is informed in real time about the minimum bids and the winning bid until the end.
Number Five: Final Bid: At the end of the virtual auction, everyone is informed about the winning bid and the winner receives a SMS confirmation noticing that he/she is the winner.