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Pin Promotion is another platform developed by the agency, with state of the art technology, and based on the extensive experience of ZicardTTMA in promotional operations.

It enables a quicker and safe implementation and protects information in polls on the web.

With an intuitive and flexible interface, it enables the use of several rules for all types of draws and products, with more than 2 billion pin codes printed. Pin Promotion is the solution that you need.


  • Draws
  • Instant prizes
  • Loyalty programs
  • Relationship programs


Number three: Pin Codes: Generation and printing of pin codes on product packaging.
 Number Four: Point of Sale: Distribution of the packaging to the points of sale.
Number Five: Purchase: Purchase of the products made by consumers.
Number six: Access to the portal: Consumer registration and pin codes on the online portal and via SMS.
Number Seven: Draw / Audit: Once the winning pin codes are registered, the winners will receive a text message.